Tuesday, October 30, 2007

48Blocks.com Featuring CNVY Rider Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson was recently featured on 48Blocks.com in their News section thanks to Convoy filmer and videographer Adam Turrisi! Adam's been filming for our upcoming video project, but likes to release some footage from time to time to get you hyped! Check out Adams Blog and 48Blocks.com for all the latest skate footy!



BridgeSpot BBQ - Halloween - Oct. 31 5pm

BBQ Party sponsored by Convoy Skateboards and OllieTrollie.com. Come out and skate the BridgeSpot in Washington DC starting at 5 pm and help put together what could be DC's version of FDR! The spot has already gotten 2 quarters, a concrete ledge, a wall ride, and a few rails, but we are gonna try to make it better! Come on out and skate with us!

The Park address is:
Garfield Park, Bridge (Rain) Spot 315 G St SE Washington, DC 20003
It is located under the 295 Bridge next to the playground!

See you there.

Convoy Skateboards Best Trick Contest Results

Our best trick contest at the Arlington Skatepark on October 27 was a huge success. Thanks to all the bands, companies and skaters who came out. Below are the winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

1st Place - Caleb Ocasio - BS Heelflip and BS Half Cab Kickflip down the "Big 3"
2nd Place - Eric Johnson/Convoy Team Rider - 360 Flip down the "Big 3"
3rd Place - Jesse Berry - Kickflip Indy Grab down the "Big 3"

More photos from the event can be seen at the Convoy Flickr Page

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Back Logged Photos from Team Sessions

Just a clip of CNVY Team Rider Spencer Brown doing a BS Smith Stall 270 out at bridge spot in DC. This is one of the quarter pipes that Eric Johnson and his work crew built up at the spot. The plan is to build tons of concrete and sustainable skate objects at the spot! DYI!

More Photos of Spencer and the CNVY Team - Flickr

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Convoy Skate Jam & Best Trick Contest - Arlington, VA Skatepark - Oct. 27

Convoy Skateboards is hosting a Skate Jam and Best Trick Contest at the Powhatan Springs Skatepark on Wilson Blvd in Arlington, VA. The Best Trick Contest will be down the "Big 3" at the park and the 1st place winner walks away with a Monument Snowboard!

Register for the Best Trick Contest Here - www.convoyskateboards.com/october.html

Event Starts at 4 pm and goes until closing time on October 27, 2007. Entry fee is the regular price of the park entry, so if you are a member you're golden. The event will also feature LIVE MUSIC from bands such as "Starlit Eyes," "NUMA," "Rosetta Stoned," and "SOECVS." Other Event Sponsors include Monument Snowboards, EastCoast BoardCo., Liberte Clothing, FARC and Arlington County.

Convoy stuff will be on sale at super cheap rates, and we will be introducing 2 new boards, 2 new t-shirts, and new hats at the event, so bring your loot! Decks for only $30, Hats for $20, Tees for $10.

Come out and have some fun.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Clarendon Day 2007 Demo Video Footage

Clarendon Day was off the hook! The demos were awesome and featured CNVY team riders Reid Mene, Eric Johnson, Spencer Brown, Ander Shwaiko, Rob Spousta and a couple of friends from EastCoast BoardCo. that came out to help out & draw a crowd. Click to watch the CNVY DEMO footy from Clarendon Day 2007 in Arlington, VA.

Thanks to Adam Turrisi for filming and editing the footage. Check his blog out here.

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