Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Upcoming Events - 10.31 & 11.1.2008

We have some really cool things coming up. The BIG one is our 10 Stair Challenge Contest at the Arlington Powhatan Springs Skatepark from 12-5 pm on November 1, 2008. We had to postpone it last Saturday due to rain, but its on this weekend!

Register for the contest:

Bro's, Boards, BBQ @ Bridgespot 10.31.08 / Halloween Night!
Sponsored by Convoy Skateboards, OllieTrollie Clothing, All Day, FredSkates & More...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Convoy's Arlington 10 Stair Challenge Contest - NEW DATE 11.1.08

**If it is raining by 12 Noon on Saturday Oct. 25, the event will be postponed until the following weekend on Saturday, November 1, 2008 from 12-5pm!**

This time around we are doing it pretty hard. This contest will focus on the 10 Stair Obstacle at the Arlington Powhatan Springs Skatepark. Anything goes on the 10 stair gap, rail, and hubbas. Throw down your best trick to win $500 CASH! Plus plenty of product from all of our sponsors listed below.

Each registered rider who competes will get a set amount of time to throw down on the challenge. From there, top 3 will be picked from each skill level!

So come on out and be a part of the movement! Hang out with us just outside of Washington, DC at the Arlington Skatepark! All Convoy product will be on sale at excellent prices, best deals around...

Convoy Special Event Deals:
Deck + Wheels = $65
Hoodie + T-Shirt = $50
Deck + T-Shirt = $50
Decks w/Grip = $40
T-Shirts = $15
Wheels = $30


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